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Add to your massage therapy or as a stand-alone session, Cupping Therapy holds so many body & mind benefits.

30 Minutes Cupping Session: $45

Enhance your Massage Therapy with Cupping: $30

Add-On Cupping Therapy to any existing 60 or 90 Minute Massage Package, Membership and/ or Gift Certificate(s) for just $30

Some of the amazing benefits of enjoying a Cupping Therapy Session include;

Relief from pain
* One of the ways Cupping will assist with that is by stretching the tissues to reduce stiffness and ease pain. Read below for more ways such as how Cupping can Reduce Inflammation and help with overall chronic pain.

Relief from allergies and asthma

Relaxation and de-stressing

* Even by eating the cleanest diet, Cupping will promote more detoxification. As it is right at the level of the skin and blood supply. Immediately carrying unwanted toxins out of the body via the blood stream and circulatory system.

Reduction in inflammation
* One of the ways is by improving circulation to the area/ muscle groups. As the blood lows in, new vessels are created to bring healing oxygen and nutrients to the inflamed areas.

Clearer, smoother skin

Cellulite Reduction
* Cupping reduces fluid build-up and sloughs off dead skin to not only rid the body of that lumpy, bumpy surface layer of skin, creating cellulite, but also will reveal smoother skin.

Anti-aging benefits

Relief from digestive upset

Reduction in carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms

Faster healing from colds and flus
* Particularly effective at helping dislodge and drain mucus and phlegm from the sinuses and respiratory system. At the same time, Cupping Therapy boosts the Immune System’s response to promote overall faster healing.

Relief from migraine headaches

Reduction in back and neck pain
* The Mayo Clinic reports that back pain is one of the most common health problems for people today. Science Direct published a study results that indicate cupping is an effective means to find immediate relief from chronic pain, including back and neck pain.

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