Prenatal Massages for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is right around the corner…

Gift the loved expecting mother(s) in your life with a soothing Customized Organic Prenatal Massage.

This massage assists in providing an opportunity for the expecting mother to submerge into deep relaxation and relieve discomfort without compromising the mother or the child(ren). 

It helps reduce fatigue, promotes circulation, reduces swelling, helps lymph flow and detoxification, and facilitates bonding with the unborn baby(ies). 

Massage Therapy is also great during the Post-Partum period, promoting healing, assisting in the realignment of the spine, pelvis, and muscles stretched out by pregnancy addressing the physical strain for carrying, and caring for, a new born baby. 

Using Organic Oils to help reduce appearance of stretchmarks and hydrates the skin. 

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Treatment Time + Cost: 60 Min. $80     |     90 Min. $110

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