Reiki Therapy at Vida

* high consciousness energy *

Ki, also known as prana and chi, has long been attributed to health and vitality in many ancient cultures. It is the life force flowing through all living things. This energy is responsive to our thoughts and emotions. When we have negative thought patterns they become lodged in our subconscious mind causing a disruption in the flow of chi making us susceptible to illness and disease.

Reiki helps to move chi through the various meridians, organs and tissues breaking up dense energy. It also helps with aligning and unblocking your energy centers known as chakras, helping to bring balance. As a Reiki practitioner I channel this energy and direct it through the body.

Along with the use of quartz crystal singing bowls, which have a natural resonant frequency that harmonizes with our bodies. Used together you are brought to deep state of relaxation and healing.

Session Duration: Sixty Minutes | 60 Minutes |
Cost: Eighty Dollars | $80 | 

Reiki & Massage COMBO
Available on Tuesdays only for the special rate of:
60 Minutes | $60


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