About Vida

We at Vida Organic Wellness realize that maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a daily challenge.

Allow our natural and organic treatments help you achieve balance in your life, harness your full potential and ultimately feel better.

VIDA has established itself as a dependable destination to which you can always come to escape the stresses of every day life, rejuvenate your energies, and detoxify your body, your soul, and your life.

We always encourage you to communicate with the licensed professionals you are working with to assure your treatment is to your liking and customized to your individual needs. Following the Ayurvedic Medicine beliefs, we treat every body differently and believe that any treatment scheduled must be tailored to you. We will meet you no matter where you are physically and mentally to bring you to where you want to be.

Here at Vida, we believe that our outsides absorb just as much toxins as our insides do. Which is one of the main reasons why we only use organic, natural, chemical-free, and plant based products. If our bodies can’t digest it internally, we don’t apply it topically. It’s that simple!

“What we need to maintain health and beauty can be drawn from nature all around us.”

We may not realize that the skin is the body’s largest organ, and nutrient absorption through the skin is between 60-100% (think of your skin as a sponge). Often, we take for granted the amazing powers of our skin protecting us while enduring the elements. But it is important that we care for our skin just as much as it cares for us.
 With that in mind, we are very passionate about making sure we have the best organic products available to you.

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Satisfaction is Only Natural

All of the products used here at VIDA are 100% natural and organic.. We believe in providing the best quality to our customers, and we can't call it the best if it's not good for the planet and everyone on it! Even the servers this website is hosted on are maintained entirely by wind power. That's how much we care!