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Introducing Organic Enzyme Peels + Skin Peels

Organic Enzyme Peels & Skin Peels *Skin Peels are Chemically produced Peels Our Licensed Estheticians offer a variety of both Organic + Natural Enzyme Peels as well as Chemical Peels to best assist you with reaching your skin care goals! *Always fully customized to your skin type. Organic Enzyme Peels AHA Fruit Peel A fully Customized […]

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Now Offering Lash Extensions!

Lash Extensions at a Special Rate for the Holidays! Classic Full Set *Only* $175! 2-3 Week Touch-Up *Only* $55! Starting Now Until December 31st! Limited Availability. Call Us (562)596.7755 & Receive Yours! ***** Schedule Your Lash Extensions & Wake Up With Flawless Lashes Everyday! Regular Rates: Classic Full Set (approximately 2 hours) | $190 1 […]

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Tips For Your Next Wax Session

  Get the most of your next wax session with these helpful tips:      1. EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating not only helps rid of dead skin cells, but also helps the wax grab the hair and can make your skin less sensitive.      2. MOISTURIZE: Keep skin moisturized on days leading up to your next […]

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Introducing CBD Massage

Healing CBD Massage Therapy A fully customized massage treating your specific needs and using the highest quality of Organic CBD Healing Salve. Choose between a Relaxing, Deep Tissue, or Lymphatic Drainage Massage Technique while enjoying the many wonderful health benefits of CBD, which include; Anti-Inflammatory Anti-Nausea Cancer Fighting Pain Management Mood Elevating Anti-Anxiety Non-Psychoactive Ideal […]

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Reiki Therapy at Vida

Reiki * high consciousness energy * Ki, also known as prana and chi, has long been attributed to health and vitality in many ancient cultures. It is the life force flowing through all living things. This energy is responsive to our thoughts and emotions. When we have negative thought patterns they become lodged in our […]

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Satisfaction is Only Natural

All of the products used here at VIDA are 100% natural and organic.. We believe in providing the best quality to our customers, and we can't call it the best if it's not good for the planet and everyone on it! Even the servers this website is hosted on are maintained entirely by wind power. That's how much we care!