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* Available at Vida Seal Beach only *


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Women’s Cut

Starting at $50 *based on hair style desired and length

Men’s Cut

Starting at $30 *based on hair style desired and legth

Blow Out

Your hair will feel so silky smooth!
Starting at $35 * if you will or have received any other of our treatments on the same day you will receive the Blow Out for only $30.

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask & Scalp Treatment

Only Extracted directly from the depths of the Dead Sea. This amazing treatment is extremely deep conditioning with 26 essential mineral combined with pure Keratin. The Mineral Mud envelops each strand of your hair with a layer of the minerals, creating vibrancy and vitality. The pure Keratin rebuilds the structure integrity of each strad of hair. You will immediately feel the active minerals being absorbed into your hair. This process sustains color and is recommended for all hair types.

Treatment Time & Price:   Approximately 30 – 45 min. depending on hair | $40.



Straightening Treatment – Chemical Free

Come GET STRAIGHT here at Vida Organic Wellness with this wonderful Chemical-Free Hair Straightening Treatment by Saphira!
This treatment is different than all other treatments for it consists of minerals from the Dead Sea. Instead of breaking the cuticle, the Mineral Smoothing Treatment envelops the hair with a layer
of minerals, and does not damage the hair. In addition, you can use the smoothing treatment
immediately after coloring the hair. After using the treatment hair will feel silky, straight & smooth!

Treatment Time is based on client’s hair quantity and length but on average of 90 min.
Treatment Cost: $150


Waxing ~ Hair Free, Naturally!

Only using the very best of organic waxes with blends made of cacao, cocoa powder, berry oils such as Acai Berry for a gentle wax and nourished skin.

Facial Waxing

Brow | $15

Upper Lip | $10

Special for Brow & Upper Lip together | $20

Nostrils | $15

Chin | $10

~ Full Face (all of the above) | $50 

Upper Body Waxing

Neck Line | $20

Back & Shoulders | $40

Underarm | $20

Half Arm | $15

Full Arm | $30

Chest | $30

Lower Body Waxing

Bikini | $30+ based on hair quantity

Brazilian | $50+ based on hair quantity

Half Leg | $25

Full Leg | $45

Feet | $20

Classic Straight Razor Shaving

This soothing escape begins with a facial cleanse, then your skin will be prepared with hot towel therapy and massage adding pre-shave oil starting the Classic Barber Straight Razor Shaving process. Treatment ends with a refreshing cold towel therapy and after shave care using only high-grade natural Imperial Line Products. This multi-step shaving process will ensure a close shave and smooth hydrated skin.

Treatment Time & Price:   30 min. | $35


Eyebrow Tint | $20

Eyelash Tint | $20

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