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Organic Skin Care

Potent Organic & Vegan Skin Care

Customized Organic Facial

Enjoy this wonderful fully Customized Organic Facial that starts with soothing steam and double deep pore cleansing, followed by exfoliation, extractions if needed, and specially combined mask. While your mask sets, relax with a neck & shoulders massage. Toner, serum, and moisturizer are then applied leaving you with a glowing refreshed complexion!
Galvanic Therapy, High-Frequency, Ultra-Sonic Peeler, Hot & Cold Therapies and other latest technology therapies are performed based on each individual’s skin care type and goals.

Treatment Time & Price: 60 minutes  |  $95          Petite Version: 45 minutes   |   $65

Facial Contour Massage

Manual Drainage with Facial Cupping Technique

The newest “Must-Try” treatment for a contoured and fresh glowing skin!

 Stimulating the Lymphatic Glands located from the neck up to rid swelling due to water, oil, and toxin retention, promoting a more contoured face and neck using manual lymphatic drainage techniques.  This therapy also assists with under eye swelling and dark circles.

Facial Cupping adds extra detoxification for a fresh contoured appearance and a natural “facial lift”.

Treatment Time & Price:   45 min | $55

Diamond Microdermabrasion Organic Facial

Transform your skin in minutes…
A full Customized Organic Facial (above) incorporating Diamond Tip Microdermabrasion techniques.

Some of the improvements you can expect are:

~ Removal and reduction of age spots
~ Diminishing of wrinkles and fine lines
~ Removal of blackheads and whiteheads
~ Reduction of acne scars and other scars
~ Improvement of dull and rough skin
~ Reduction of the size and appearance of pores
~ Improvement of skin tone and texture for a fresher and younger looking skin

Please note:
Microdermabrasion is available for all skin types. Treatment will be based on skin type, needs and goals.

Treatment Time & Price:   75 min. | $125

*Available as an enhancement to your Customized Organic Facial for just $30

Diamond Microdermabrasion Single Session

Enjoy the benefits of Microdermabrasion on any desired area of the body. This is especially good on stretch marks, varicose veins, and light scarring. It will also help rid the appearance of cellulite.

Treatment Time & Price:   45 min. | $80

RF Micro-Current Organic Facial Therapy

A full Customized Organic Facial (above) incorporating Micro-Current techniques. This facelift treatment triggers the body’s production Collagen, of amino acids and Adenosine Triphosphate. These accelerate cell repair and promote healthier cell production. Immediate noticeable effect!

More about Micro-Current Therapy…

Micro-Current uses low level electrical current to trigger the body’s natural skin enhancement chemicals at a cellular level. The Micro-Current facial is a therapeutic treatment that delivers safe, painless, low-level electrical impulses to strategic locations under the skin to firm and tone the facial muscles on both an immediate and long-term basis. The technology simultaneously repairs collagen in the dermis (the deepest layer of the skin), while gently erasing signs of aging in the epidermis (the top layer of skin). As we age, our electrical impulses slow down causing aging and sagging facial skin. Micro-Current works in harmony with the natural bio-electrical currents naturally found in our bodies to help speed up the cellular regenerative process resulting in firmer, healthier, more youthful looking skin.

Micro-Current can be performed to achieve the following benefits:

  • Improve muscle tone in the face and neck
  • Lift jowls and eyebrows
  • Reduce and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles
  • Improve facial circulation
  • Aid in lymphatic drainage
  • Collagen and elastin production increases and blood circulation improves
  • Enhance product penetration to treat multiple skin problems
  • Improve overall skin appearance

To achieve your skin care needs and goals faster and for an enhanced experience ask to add a Natural Enzyme Peel during your facial when scheduling your appointment for just $30.

Treatment Time& Price: 75 min. | $125

*Available as an enhancement to your Customized Organic Facial for just $30


RF Micro-Current Single Session

Enjoy the benefits of Micro-Current on any desired area of the body. This single session treatment is designed for body parts. Some examples include but are not limited to; abdomen, arms, chest/ breast area to lift and tighten the skin.

Treatment Time & Price:   45 min. | $70

PhotoTherapy Organic Facial

A full Customized Organic Facial (above) incorporating PhotoTherapy DPL (Deep Penetrating Light) LED technique.


  • Stimulates collagen
  • Increases healing
  • Kills bacteria
  • Soothes & calms the skin
  • Balances pigmentation
  • Reduces redness
  • Treats acneic skin
  • Improves oxygen reach to cells
  • Improves lymph drainage
  • Treats sagging skin
  • Promotes tissues strength
  • Enhances cell energy & metabolism
  • Improves the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles.

Treatment Time & Price:   75 min. | $125

* Available as an enhancement to your Customized Organic Facial for just $30

Back Facial

Our backs don’t receive as much attention as they need. Indulge in the ultimate pampering and refinement. This treatments includes a double deep cleanse, exfoliation, mask, extractions if needed, a soothing & relaxing massage, followed by moisture and hydration. While your masque sets we pamper your scalp, arms and hands with an invigorating massage. Another must try!

Treatment Time & Price:   45 min. | $75


Double Treatment

Can’t decide between a Back Facial or a Customized Facial?
Choose both and receive a $20 discount!
Enjoy Vida’s Back Facial followed by a Customized Organic Facial to feel and look your best!

Treatment Time & Price:   105 min. | $165

Massage & Facial Combo

One of Vida’s most popular treatment.

A 60 minute Customized Massage & a 60 minute Customized Organic Facial.

Both treatments are completely customized based on your own individual needs/ skin care type. They can be scheduled back-to-back or on separate days.

Enjoy $15 OFF when combining the two therapies by making it a Vida Combo!

Treatment Time & Price:   120 min. | $150

Make it a Lymphatic Drainage Massage or a Sculpting Drainage DETOX Massage for just an additional $15.

Organic Enzyme Peels & Chemical Skin Peels

Our Licensed Estheticians offer a variety of both Organic + Natural Enzyme Peels as well as
Chemical Peels to best assist you with reaching your skin care goals!
*Always fully customized to your skin type.


Organic Enzyme Peels

AHA Fruit Peel

A fully Customized Organic Facial using ilike organic skin care’s Natural Enzyme Peel.
Cleanse, Peel, Calming Mask, Serum + Moisture. 

Treatment Time & Price: 60 minutes | $125

AHA Fruit Peel:
This peel with fruit acids provides amazing results for every skin type. Containing Apple, Grape and Medlar (Naseberry), it is the key product of a signature treatment from ilike organic skin care.Effects:
reveals a fresh layer of skin
cleanses skin for a revitalized look
reduces the appearance of aging and signs of inflammationSkin types & conditions:
acne care
anti-aging for youthful skin
exfoliators & peels
hormonal imbalances
oily, acne, inflamed skin



Botanical AHA

A fully Customized Organic Facial using ilike organic skin care’s Natural Enzyme Peel.
Cleanse, Peel, Calming Mask, Serum + Moisture. 

Treatment Time & Price: 60 minutes | $125

Botanical AHA Peel:

This intense, quick organic peel moisturizes as it sloughs off dead skin. It contains lactic acid, antioxidant-rich hollyhock and hydrating lemon oil.Effects:
gently softens and removes dead skin
smooths the appearance of wrinkles
reduces the appearance of age spots and blotches
pores appear smallerSkin types & conditions:
anti-aging for premature skin
exfoliators & peels

Yogurt Power Peel

A fully Customized Organic Facial using ilike organic skin care’s Natural Enzyme Peel.
Cleanse, Peel, Calming Mask, Serum + Moisture. 

Treatment Time & Price: 60 minutes | $125

Yogurt Power Peel:
This quick Lactic Acid peel exfoliates all skin types and softens chapped skin even on the roughest heels and elbows. Complexion appears more even and improves the effect of further treatments to make skin appear brighter.Effects:
removes dead cells from the skin’s surface
smooths the appearance of wrinkles
skin appears more even, brighter and more youthfulSkin types & conditions:
anti-aging for mature skin
body care
dry skin
hand and foot care


Chemical Peels

C: Vitality AHA Peel

Reveal a gorgeous glow with the C: Viatlity AHA Peel.

Single Peel Session: 45 minutes | $110
Peel + Customized Facial: 60 minutes | $145

C: Vitality AHA Peel: 
3.0pH (10% Glycolic acid/15% Lactic acid) 17% L-Ascorbic acid:
The perfect blend of highly effective and concentrated Vitamins and fruit driven super anti-oxidants, nutrients and skin balancing agents. The Dermodality Vitality Peel will replace the traditional enzyme scrub by using highly concentrated and potent vacuum distilled extracts including bilberry. With built-in anti-inflammatory Ingredients the skin is left without inflammation allowing for a valued added facial treatment.Ingredients:
Deionized Water, Lactic Acid 15%, Glycolic Acid 10%, Aloe Vera, L-Ascorbic Acid, Extracted Bilberry, Propylene Glycol, Isothiazolinone, Methy Isothiazolinone.



Lactic Acid Peel

Reveal a brighter complexion with the Lactic Acid Peel.

Single Peel Session: 45 minutes | $110
Peel + Customized Facial: 60 minutes | $145

Lactic Acid Peel:
3.0pH, 30% Lactic AcidThe Lactic Acid Peel is a slower, yet highly effective, penetrating Peel that helps reduce the occurrence of edema (swelling) and erythema (redness) during and after treatment.A great Peel choice for those who want to avoid the redness and possible mind swelling after the benefits of a Peel.

Also an effective Peel for the treatment of acne, skin lightening or treatment for anti-aging.



Pumpkin Peel

The amazingly formulated Pumpkin Peel will provide deep exfoliation revealing a rejuvenating glow.

Single Peel Session: 45 minutes | $110
Peel + Customized Facial: 60 minutes | $145

*The Pumpkin Peel is a wonderful Enhancement to the Diamond Microdermabrasion Technique, add a Microdermabrasion for just an additional $30, treatment time will increase to additional 15 minutes. Available during both the Single Peel and the Peel + Full Facial Session. 

Pumpkin Peel:
3.2pH, 10% Glycolic, 20% Lactic AcidDeep exfoliation assisting in cell proliferation and deep penetration.

Organic Spray Tanning

  • Coming Soon!!

Formulated with all natural ingredients & organically certified DHA, a natural and healthy alternative, while achieving a beautiful, bronzed, sunless tan.

| Safe during pregnancy |

Treatment Time: Customized per client.

Treatment Cost: $50

 Facial Enhancements

Add one or more of the services below to any skin care service to enhance your experience. Some enhancements will increase the time of your service while others may simply add to your experience and skin care goals.

  • Scalp Treatment using High Frequency technique & Massage     |     $30
    * assists with hair growth and hair appearance.
  • Natural Enzyme Peel based on skin type (Recommended during facials for optimal results)     |     $30
    *assists in the appearance of skin pigmentation, sun damage, age spots, and scarring.
  • Lip Soothing & Exfoliating Treatment     |     $20
    *reveal smooth & soft lips.
  • Eye Treatment     |     $20
    *dark circles, puffiness, fine lines & wrinkles
  • PhotoTherapy (increases your treatment 15 minutes)     |     $30
  • Micro-Current (increases your treatment 15 minutes)     |     $30
  • Diamond Microdermabrasion (increases your treatment 15 minutes)     |     $30
  • LightStim (increases your treatment 15 minutes)     |     $30
  • Facial Cupping (Drainage from neck up promoting face contour, ridding of swelling and improving skin complexion)   |   $30
  • Hot Stones during the massage portion of your facial     |     $20After Your Facial…

  • Dead Sea Mineral Mud Mask & Scalp Treatment     |     $40
  • Blow-Out    |    $35


 Lash Extensions

Classic Full Set (approximately 2 hours) | $190

1 Week Touch-Up (approximately 30 Minutes) | $50

2-3 Week Touch-Up (approximately 60 Minutes) | $70

4-5 Week Touch-Up (approximately 90 Minutes) | $110


Please Notes:
In order to qualify for Touch-Ups you must have at least 50% of your extensions otherwise it will be considered a Full Set.


Head-to-Toe Hair Removal!

Choose between Waxing & Sugaring for your Hair Removal choice and reveal Silky Smooth Skin!

Hair Free, Naturally!

Natural & Organic Sugaring ingredients & only using the very best of hard and strip organic waxes with blends made of cocoa extract & berry oils, such as Acai Berry, for a gentle wax and nourished skin.

Facial Hair Removal

~ Face Sides (Cheeks/ Sideburns) | $15

~ Ears | $15

~ Brows | $20

~ Upper Lip | $10

~ Special for Brow & Upper Lip together | $25

~ Nostrils | $20

~ Chin | $10

~ Full Face (all of the above) | $50 

Upper Body Hair Removal

~ Neck Line | $20

~ Back & Shoulders | $65

~ Lower Back | $20

~ Underarm | $20

~ Half Arm | $25

~ Full Arm | $45

~ Chest | $50

~ Stomach Line aka Belly Trail | $10

~ Full Stomach | $30

Lower Body Hair Removal

~ Bikini | $40+ based on hair quantity
* Waxing Option Only

~ Brazilian | $65+ based on hair quantity
*Waxing Option Only

~ Half Leg | $35 lower leg | $40 upper leg

~ Full Leg | $70

~ Inner Thigh | $15

~ Tush Wax | $30

~ Feet | $25

Get the most of your next Hair Removal session with these helpful tips:

     1. EXFOLIATE: Exfoliating not only helps rid of dead skin cells, but also helps the wax or sugar grab the hair and also can make your skin less sensitive.

     2. MOISTURIZE: Keep skin moisturized on days leading up to your next session. This also helps to ensure wax or sugar do not stick to skin. Just make sure you do not moisturize on the actual day of your appointment.

By Alex at VIDA

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