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Price Update On Vida's Hot Stone Therapy. Vida's Hot Stone Therapy is soothing and rejuvenating. Warm smooth stones are used to melt away tension and loosen tight muscles. The warmth of the stones relax the muscles allowing Deep Tissue techniques to be performed as well as sending fresh blood and oxygen to the muscles. Stones are used on the entire body. Treatment Time: One Hour  $95 One and a Half Hours $125   Hot Stone Therapy is also available as one of Vida's "add-ons". Incorporate Hot Stone Therapy during most of Vida's treatments for just $20. When doing it so, Stones will be used on any desired area. One medium/ large area, for example, back, or two small areas. Please note that the "add-ons" available do not increase the treatment time, they simply add to your experience.    Vida Add-Ons- $20 Hot Stone Therapy Scalp Massage Bamboo Bliss Reflexology (hand or feet)

Hot Stone Therapy- price update.

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