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“Dip into Your Muses” Rejuvenating Full Body Polish


“Awaken the muse that moves from within.” ~ Kristen Marie Flores, Founder of Muse Bath Apothecary.

  As we gratefully introduce this wonderful small batch of organic and vegan apothecary, now available at Vida Organic Wellness, we designed a Rejuvenating Body Polishing to help you “Dip into Your Muses”.   Integrating Muse Bath’s Original Organic Polish, this therapy starts with a soothing Dry Brushing Therapy which will kick start the release of toxins, stimulate circulation and oxygen flow while soothing the mind as well as promoting a healthy digestion, preparing your body for Muse Bath’s Organic Polish which contains specially selected and sustainable organic coconut + eucalyptus + lavender. This Organic Polish will leave your skin not just silky smooth and hydrated but will also continue to assist with circulation, oxygen flow, and lymphatic drainage for proper toxin release while supporting a healthy harmoniously working immune system, (extremely important during the beginning of Spring). This incredibly rejuvenating therapy ends with Warm Towel Therapy infused with Citrus Essential Oils and Muse Bath's Mist to uplift the moods and give you that “fresh” and "renewed" feeling. To protect and moisturize your new glowing skin, Organic Coconut Oil is applied. Treatment Time: One Hour Regular Rate: $60                                                                                                                            Photo Courtesy of Muse Bath  

“Dip Into Your Muses” Body Polish

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