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January Special! 

When you book a Customized Massage or a Hot Stone Massage at its regular price during the month of January you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY Ionic Toxin Cleanse (a $55 value!) 

Special must be mentioned in order to apply. 

You may purchase one or more of these Massage Specials in advance during the month of January and redeem them on a future date.

About the Ionic Toxin Cleanse: Painlessly and non-invasive way to remove harmful toxin and free radicals from organs and tissues by using positively and negatively charged ions working through Osmosis. Balancing pH levels, helping sleeping patterns, fatigue, skin, assisting in weight loss and metabolism, to name a few! The Ionic Toxin Cleanse is highly recommended after massages as massages are a form of detoxification themselves as they help move the Lymphatic Fluid assisting the body to rid of unwanted toxins. Doing the Ionic Toxin Cleanse after a massage will ensure optimal results and remove twice as much of those unwanted toxins!

Customized Massage: Combination of Deep Tissue and Relaxing techniques addressing the areas of your body with the correct pressure necessary to best treat your muscles and ensure deep relaxation. 60 Minutes | $70          90 Minutes | $95

Hot Stone Therapy: Soothing and rejuvenating! Warm smooth water treated stones are used to melt away tension and loosen tight muscles. The warmth of the stones relax the muscles allowing for Deep Tissue technique to be performed if needed as well as assisting in circulation sending fresh blood and oxygen to the entire body. A must try!  60 Minutes | $95          90 Minutes | $120

Special Policies: Offer only applies to those who will purchase the Massages on the day of or during the month of January. Offer does not apply to previously purchased packages. One Massage per One Ionic Toxin Cleanse. If two Massages are purchased, two Ionic Toxin Cleanses are given complimentary and so on. Massages and Ionic may be used by two different people.

January Special!

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