August Specials

Can you believe it’s August already?!

Here are some great treatments at a special discounted rate
to welcome the month of August!


Raindrop Therapy

A powerful, non-invasive, non-secular application of potent antibacterial and antiviral therapeutic-grade essential oils along the spine and feet. The oils used during the Raindrop Therapy here at Vida Organic Wellness assist with flushing out toxins and killing dormant viruses and bacteria along the spine, which in turn will help restore health to the entire system.

Often, many types of spinal problems and misalignments are caused by toxins that lie dormant within the spine. The use of therapeutic-grade essential oils will help the body dispose of these viruses, and structure return to normal. Enjoy all the benefits of Raindrop Therapy while also receiving a relaxing massage to assist in the optimal penetration of the oils.

This is a very soothing and relaxing treatment that will truly leave you with a sense of peace and mindfulness.

Some of the benefits of Raindrop Therapy include:

  • Help with removing Bacteria and Viruses from the body

  • Reduction of pain

  • Reduction and/ or elimination of backache

  • Reduced inflammation

  • Assistance in spine realignment

  • Improved circulation

  • Stress and anxiety relief

  • Relaxation as well as invigoration

  • Improved immune function

  • Assistance in the release of negative emotions

Treatment Time & Price:   60 minutes | $80

August Special Rate: $60


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Facial Contour Massage

Manual Drainage with
Facial Cupping Technique
* Incorporating Solar Micro-Current *

The newest “Must-Try” treatment for a contoured and fresh glowing skin!


Stimulating the Lymphatic Glands located from the neck up to rid swelling due to water, oil, and toxin retention, promoting a more contoured face and neck using manual lymphatic drainage and solar Micro-Current technique.  This therapy also assists with under eye swelling and dark circles. Facial Cupping adds extra detoxification for a fresh contoured appearance.

Treatment Time & Price:   45 min | $55

August Special Rate: $40


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  • Specials must be scheduled for the month of August
  • Appointment required and are subject to availability
  • You may purchase as many of these August Deals in advance. However, they must be used by December 31st, 2017. If redeemed after, the regular rate difference for the selected treatment will apply
  • Gift Certificates available

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